These eight easy, preparatory tips are sure to put any future seller’s home in prime market condition.

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There’s a portion of sellers out there who know they want to list their home, but aren’t ready just yet. These same sellers wonder, though, what precursory steps they can take to ensure that they’re in good shape when the time to hit the market comes.

If this is true for your situation, here are eight easy steps you can take:

1. Have us come out to the house. We’ll draw up a very specific, specialized plan for you and your home so that you’re not spending time on items that won’t bring the value you might otherwise expect. Even if you’re five years away from your move, we’re always happy to come out and offer our opinion on what it’ll take to get your home market-ready.

2. Raise your home’s curb appeal. Think like a buyer who’s stepping onto your property for the first time—what would you want to see if you were them? Maybe you need to do away with some of those dead spots in your lawn, add some colorful flowers, remove an old tree stump or a shabby-looking chair. Whatever the case may be, this is a good place to start.

3. Declutter the interior of your home. Create a smooth, easy walkway for future buyers to come through. An environment where a buyer has to squeeze through tight or cluttered spaces won’t bode well for your sale, and wide open spaces tend to show better.

4. Repaint walls that may have an “extreme” color. Paint over lurid-colored walls with a more neutral option, and while you’re at it, touch up any nicks in the baseboards or on the walls. These sorts of things are the normal wear-and-tear of a lived-in home, but should be dealt with before your home goes to market.

“We’re always happy to come out and offer our opinion on what it’ll take to get your home market-ready.”

5. Put your home to the “smell test.” This may be a bit of a hit to the pride, but it’s important to have an unbiased, third-party come into your home and give you an honest opinion. They’ll pick up things you probably wouldn’t—pet odors, the lingering smells of your cooking, etc., can all affect the salability of your home. Knowing this up front could determine your course of action when it comes to painting or recarpeting as well.

6. Perform a deep-cleaning. Whether it’s getting up to your high windows or dusting off shutters at harder-to-reach points, it’s a good idea to thoroughly clean these areas so that your home shows well and gets through the inspection with flying colors.

7. Start to hide valuables. You should begin to box up and put away valuable belongings if you won’t be using them in the next year or so. This way, you’ll know these items are in safekeeping when buyers are walking through your home.

8. Begin the staging process. Bulky, large furniture might be great for your current living situation, but when it’s “show-time,” they might make the room feel smaller and more cluttered. Because of this, it’s best to take early steps to remove some of these items, widen the open space, and create a great flow.

We’d love to come out to your property and work with you to lay out a plan for your future sale. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!