The shifts in the housing market mean there are more opportunities now.

Our market is shifting, and many of our clients and friends have asked us if this is the opportune time to enter the housing market. We believe there are a lot of opportunities in the market right now, and we would love to help you take advantage of them. 

Just a few months ago, our market was red-hot. Every home had multiple offers above list price, and buyer contingencies weren’t even considered. In today’s market, however, people are concerned about rising interest rates. The bright side is that the market has now become more accessible to buyers who were previously unable to compete in those red-hot conditions.

“There are a lot of opportunities in the housing market right now.”

Now more than ever it is crucial to have a qualified agent. Find a Realtor who knows how to be creative in this shifting market and can advocate for you, because that’s possible again. There are opportunities out there if you are willing to have the conversation and focus on the long term. 

If you’re thinking about getting in the game and would like to chat with us, reach out by phone or email. We would love to help you determine if now is the right time for you and your family to make that next move.